All cities come equipped with a beating heart. A cultural core that stimulates the genius in urbanites giving them a unique identity to stand apart from the rest of the world. Some cities, like Los Angeles, race to the tune of several hearts and it was on our way out of L.A. that we came across one such nucleus while on the hunt for breakfast in a seemingly deserted town at 9am. IMG_0405

It was reggae music that came first, then voices and finally we found ourselves part of a small crowd, down a tight alley, in front of a makeshift cafe where a young woman stood with confidence between the grinding of coffee beans and noting of detailed orders.  We were the last in what became a line as the crowd dispersed leaving us alone with chef Lela Buttery.

Another Kind of Sunrise



Biologist and self-described food sorcerer, Lela “yes, my last name really is Buttery,” Buttery projects her addicting personality and revolutionary approach to diet.  Talking us through her own philosophies and menu items such as Buttery Brew and Paleo Granola we were quickly becoming entranced.


After placing our order (Buttery Brew, Farfurina’s Paleo Granola, a Meri Acai Bowl and a Dandelion-Lavender-Ginger Tea) we set out on a tour around the tight alley.

Not only the chocolatier but a handful of other merchants lie beyond the cafe/cereal house.

Trail marker. So that Hat-maker, that’s Nick Fouquet-local Mad Hatter=He who made not only a personalized head piece for Madonna but also Pharrell.
Urban jungle. The alley which holds many, many secrets.
ZenBunni: It’s clear that there be something magical behind these closed doors. But sadly the doors were locked shut.

Food ready Lela called us back to the cafe at the entrance of this quirky alley.


With the Buttery Coffee to wash it all down I dove into my Paleo granola a boy and emerged a caveman (no offense Neanderthals), in a complete food-centric rage. Ravaging every morsel of berry and gluten-free granola. All balanced by the tart grass-fed whole-milk yogurt. Jaclyn was equally pleased with her spicy gingery tea and acai bowl.

Lela gave us the rundown on Buttery Coffee and the wrongful villainization of butter in our society. Freshly roasted coffee beans (from Handlebar Coffee) are brewed and married to equal parts ghee and raw coconut oil. It’s royal, decadent, smoothly silken, and seductive. All without being overly sweet. I’ve never been fond of coffee, nor lattes, nor mocha-whatevers. This miraculous concoction spoke my language.

Jaclyn and I move about the cafe, savoring our bowls of cereal and sipping our brews like children with hot chocolate on Christmas morning.

What treasures are to be found if you follow the trail of the UniWolfCheetah?


Art and greenery envelop the alley giving it an organic, natural feel.


*A note on the UniWolfCheeta- Diana Garcia is the mastermind behind these Unicorn-Wolf-Cheetah hybrids which are part of her series titled “I’m Not a Wolf”. Indeed, you are not a wolf. They can be seen down the street on Abbot Kinney, in Mexico City, NYC, and Austin, Texas. This mytical creature gets around, you could say.


 Only a quarter of the way through the alley we’re ready to move on to the next shop as the rest of Abbot Kinney stirs to life. We meet the owner of ZenBunni, a regular at AKOSunrise as he ordered his breakfast and assured us that the shop would now be open.

On we march to chocolate paradise where the door has been peeled away leading us down a rabbit hole…

Let’s save that for next time

P.S. I can’t close without noting that the food sorcerer, Lela Buttery, authored a book titled We Can Do Butter. It’s an informative goldmine covering sustainable living and sourcing better quality food. Full for recipes, scientific evaluations, and logic the book serves it’s purpose well. If you’re one to question the world of commercially processed foods do take a look at her site.

Abbot Kinney Part II: ZenBunni

until next time–yallah’bye

*All photos taken by Jaclyn Joslin


14 responses to “Abbot Kinney Part I: Another Kind of Sunrise”

  1. Great find! Love reading about these buried treasures right under our nose. Love your entertaining writing voice – it pulls the whole post together.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a special find. The granola bowls and tea sound like a perfect breakfast to begin a day of exploring. I am looking forward to reading the article on butter. I gave up substitutes months ago. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sorry to inform you of this. None of your pictures came through on my browser. I am using Firefox.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry about that. I refreshed my browser and now they are magically there.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my goodness this is AMAZING!!! I’m heading over to LA in December – hopefully I can get a bowl of granola then!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. awe… what a Wonderland! Wish there were more of such jewels around – on every corner, please!

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  6. What a really wonderful space, all the shops look seriously yummy simply because they’re so unique and not part of a soul-less chain.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Looks amazing, & I love it when people have names that match their work

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, right! Completely meant to be. And, if you’re ever in that general region (California) do make an effort to visit AKO-Sunrise. Even if it’s out of the way 😉 Absolutely worth it.


  8. Amazing! I wish I had caught this when I was in LA. Sorceress Buttery seems like quite the goddess, indeed.


    1. I actually thought of you as I went over the menu. Something like “my, this is a menu fit for an intolerant.” It seems LA can reveal itself in many wonderful ways as it constantly changes. Never to offer the same experience twice. Though, I suppose that can be said of all urban zones.


  9. This looks wonderful 🙂


    1. So wonderful! This concept needs to be introduced across the States. I would take a bowl of granola in this fashion over a random burger joint any day,


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