Writer | Poet | Media Archaeologist | Game Maker | Educator | Instructional Designer | Translator

作家 | 詩人 | ゲームメーカー | 教育者 | インストラクショナル デザイナー | 翻訳者

Creating Meaningful Experiences Through Storytelling and Play.
Taking journeys through time and taste, with a knack for pairing wine and cheese, and a keen eye for fossils and food history

Writer and Narrative Designer: From Video Game Scripts to Screenplays, Essays to Fiction, I do what writers do best, I write. My writing engage with people, cultures, traditions and landscapes.

Instructional Designer: As an I.D specializing in game-based learning, my practice is grounded in contemporary theory and experiential encounters through which I scaffold your learning and teaching needs. As a scholar of East Asian languages and cultures, I am equipped to develop the socio-cultural health of your team. 4+ years of experience designing, developing, and implementing learning solutions.

Translator: Japanese~English:: Developing immersive learning experiences for ESL and ELA students. Additionally, I contribute to the field of Japanese literature, East Asian Philosophy, and teach creative writing and poetry.

Field Consultant: Paleontological, Archaeological, and Geological surveys. GIS, cartography, excavation, historic preservation.

Ongoing Research at The University of Missouri

On Sense and Sensibility: Performance, Ritual, Uncanny Kami, and Emergent Modes of Belief in Japan
As a Gilman scholar, I am presently analyzing festivals and phenomenonology in Japanese culture – in particular the relationship between the senses and Japanese dance. These traditions express a uniquely Japanese identity and yet reveal much about the human experience. Dancing to evoke the deities ignites an inclusive worldview. One that marries disparate ontologies with remarkable endurance.It goes without saying that this global hunger for Japanese content reveals an urgent need for new and meaningful sources of engagement on a worldwide scale. As people from all backgrounds seek cosmological entertainment through various media, virtual and analogue. I am particularly interested in meeting of various ontologies. How they interact: inform & reform one another. From the Buddhist elements contained within Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, to Kami conjuring in Pokémon.

Let’s be real, it’s not like I wouldn’t be doing this in my free time anyway!

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About Me

I am a student at the University of Missouri researching East Asian Languages and Literature.


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Writer. Poet. Narrative designer: Researching pop culture, media studies, instructional design, and teaching writing and East Asian Literature

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