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Creating a “Matter-verse” for Asean fandom communities with guest-host D.A. Attamimi

4 min read Topics A study on fandoms in Asean, plus Japan, delves into what matters for a fandom, with the resulting concept of “Matter-verse” being a manifestation of the core learnings, says HILL Asean’s Devi Attamimi. Finding a welcoming fandom community is a good opportunity for brands. People in Asean see brands as aContinue reading “Creating a “Matter-verse” for Asean fandom communities with guest-host D.A. Attamimi”

Critical Thinking: What is it to be a Critical Thinker?

How and why of critical thinking? We often urge others to think critically. What does that really mean? How can we think critically? This essay presents a general account of what it is to be a critical thinker and outlines both traditional and more recent approaches to critical thinking.Know the Facts: A WPA (Works ProgressContinue reading “Critical Thinking: What is it to be a Critical Thinker?”

From Ulysses to Knausgaard: Time to Read That 500+ Page Novel

They’re long term investments to be sure but among the most enriching choices we’ll ever make. From my years-long commitment to Knausgaard’s monumental sextet “My Struggle” to the 2013 saga Americanah by author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Or how about regaining time with Proust? Or risking a go with Infinite Jest? Why not stir up belly-churningContinue reading “From Ulysses to Knausgaard: Time to Read That 500+ Page Novel”

GAMES: AGENCY AS ART: A Reader’s Guide

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Now officially out: my first book, Games: Agency as Art. Thanks to Oxford University for making this all happen! The book says that games are a distinctive art form — one very different from the traditional arts. Game designers don’t just create an environment, or characters, or a story. They tell you…