Sketching Sights: Fes, Morocco


I’m led through the imperial city of Fes by a pair of shrouded figures. We dance through the shadows of mud brick passageways and into the medina in time for the Asr call to prayer.

24 responses to “Sketching Sights: Fes, Morocco”

  1. I love this! I used to live in Fes, and this picture really takes me back to exlporing the narrow streets of the Old Medinah. It’s a beautiful city full of charm.


  2. I’m new to the blogging world and this is best post I have seen so far on any blog. Is that your own sketch? It is so simple, yet so moving! I also really like the caption you put with it because it completes the “picture.”

    Quiet frankly, I am jealous that you got to experience Morocco— a dream destination for me!


    • Haha, you’ll get there 😉 What can I say though, Pakistan?! Complete envy streams through my veins! I long for the day that I may be able to visit Iran, Pakistan, India, the middle ground between Near and Far East. I admit your blog has become one of the most inspiring to me and I can’t wait to read more.
      I actually did paint that! Watercolor has become a new interest of mine so i’ve molded that to fit my other interests snugly between history and travel. Works out, eh? I’m happy to hear the caption commandeered your imagination for a moment!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog & liking my post. In return, I love this, it reminds me of stooging around in the little narrow streets of the Turkish sector of Kyrenia, where I live in North Cyprus.


    • Ah, it must be wonderful on Cyprus. I remember a great deal of animosity between Turks and Grecians when I recalled the beauty of one nation to the other.
      How’s life in Cyprus? Inshallah, i’ll be visiting one day 😉


    • Morocco holds it’s own, being swayed by Franco-Arab/African cultures. The souks are otherworldly and Fes unique view into the daily life of Moroccans while being opening to outsiders.
      Gah, Tunis! It’s a dream to visit Tunisia. I’m hoping to make a return trip soon, and to include Libya/Tunisia 🙂


    • Cheers, SueBee
      It’s enough to take me back. To bring out the intense heat radiating between these walls, the spicy aromas of seasoned meats and dust, foreign tongues and the awkwardness of always being lost… at least in my case! 😉


    • Absolutely. The horrors of being lost, deep within medina walls of an alien culture. The excitement and joy of losing yourself among the beautiful people of a distant land… All at once.
      P.S I’m completely incapable of following the rules of map reading, so getting lost is a significant part of my process.


    • Thank you. I’m pleased with the definition of the minaret in the background… I don’t know how I did that! Though, I certainly strive to produce moving images. To capture the emotions of my subjects. I’m having a blast, being new to watercolor, painting in general.


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