Oh, the Better Cheddar, Where would I be without you? Words fail me: “world’s best collection of cheeses, chocolates, charcuterie, and condiments” or “a true American gem, ode to the celebration of good food, good times, good company.” From specialities of any given season, to the wines that pair beautifully. From the delicate soft cheeses of spring, to the hardy mountain cheese from the greater-Alpine regions of the world.

Where else can you go for a bottle of Burgundy, a square of the blushing red-skinned French Brebirousse d’Argental, the decedent and perfectly bitter Venchi Chocolates? The intoxicating cadence and flow of freshly wrapped Iberico? That ruby veined vixen! The Better Cheddar is a heritage piece embedded deep within Kansas City culture. The make fresh sandwiches, carry some great imported pasta noodles (huge variety of shapes and sizes) from Italy, the olive oils and vinegars are top notch, the chocolate and confections are divine, and the crew, well they’re a unique ensemble from all walks of life congregating over the buzz of food, wine, and merriment. DIG IN!



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