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  • FLCL Retrospective: The Hero’s (Horny) Journey

    FLCL, oh gimme that foo-ri coo-ri. The early 2000’s found me sneaking into my mom’s tv room to catch Adult Swim’s broadcast of a bizarre six-episode… what I would call event, about yet another boy caught up in mecha-madness. Now, before I managed to write this off as some offbrand random wannabe EVA, I found…

  • The Better Cheddar: Ode to Kansas City

    The Better Cheddar: Ode to Kansas City

    Oh, the Better Cheddar, Where would I be without you? Words fail me: “world’s best collection of cheeses, chocolates, charcuterie, and condiments” or “a true American gem, ode to the celebration of good food, good times, good company.”

  • A case in Airbnb

    A case in Airbnb

    There’s a new craze going from town to town, calling on travelers to break the mundane and deconstruct that rigid barrier between local and outsider. This movement is manifest in vehicles such as Airbnb. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept think of it as a refined, more mature approach to hosteling or couchsurfing. Which never really took…