Rally For A Two-State Solution

Last weekend I took part in a polarizing protest.

And, I want you to know, dear reader, before proceeding, that I hold no anti-muslim nor anti-semitic sentiments. My opinion is neither religious (for some they sure have made it out to be) nor ethnic (for some they sure have made it out to be).

I’ll let my friends at the organization Jewish Voice for Peace take over for a moment-

This is a bloody mess, and pointing fingers will only breed hysteria. The blame game needs to end and we must lay the groundwork for a new era in Israeli/Palestinian relations.

This needs to start at home. By educating ourselves thoroughly and logically.

Avoid the media. Apparently, their responsibility to share unbiased news is far less important than swaying viewers for greater profit. They perpetuate half-truths and hype, lacking humanity and self-respect.

Drop the religions, the preconceptions. Look to the facts. Be rational and calm. Forget Israel, forget Palestine. Forget all emotion you’ve invested in this conflict and read the history of these two nations independent from what you’ve been told your whole life. Start from the beginning and formulate your own conclusion. Because, I promise you, it won’t be that which Fox news is screaming in their own brand of terrorism.

I condemn them. Fox News, Israel, Hamas. Way to perpetuate violence. “Eye for an eye”, how Babylonian. (That’s so 1772… BCE) Real progressive.We must look to the philosophies of Gandhi, of Mandela and others who overcame apartheid with astounding results by instigating a non-violent movement.

Wherever your allegiance lies, just remember that we can only get through this together. Right, left, Jew, Muslim, Christian, whatever–we need each other, and we have to acknowledge this with compassion.

Though I stand in support of a two-state solution I remain hand in hand with Palestine.

Photo credit to Jo Larmore






Photo Credit to Alma Habib


I wanted to wish all the Muslims out there a merry Eid al-Fitr. Sending good vibes your way, despite the major gastronomy-envy I’m feeling!

Until next time–Yallah’Bye


10 responses to “Rally For A Two-State Solution”

  1. This is a beautiful post. Thank you so much for joining the rally and for valuing peace above ideology. The history shown in the video is such an important part to the story, but I never hear it in news or commentary. People say “well Hamas is shooting all those rockets,” or “the Jews are building illegal settlements,” but those perspectives neglect the underlying context of the story. I don’t think most people realize that Palestinians were invaded by Jewish refugees. I also don’t think that most people realize that Jews and Arabs lived together at peace for many years. The exploding conflict today is so heartbreaking to me that I’ve not been able to put it into words for my blog. I thank you for having the courage to speak up, to show up, to lend yourself to this vital piece of history.


      • “It will take an abundance of patience, time and compassion.” This is lovely. In fact, I should delete the body of my text and paste in this quote. That is the core, the framework of this article.
        When will it be understood, Habibti?
        I’m doing what I can to forgive, both sides, while being a stern-ass-mo-fo. The art is in finding the ability to tread lightly carrying a banner of truth.
        As always, your support means a lot to me.


    • You know, the sad fact is, as you stated, people see the “ideology” as an end all. A means to avoid picking through the facts and developing ones own understanding. I respect and value opinions on both sides but when you have a majority rule that purely values this vs. that religion/race/culture and puts no stock elsewhere, then, I have little respect. Absolutely cruel.
      Thank you for these kind words. I’ve hesitated since founding Yallah’Bye to speak out against the conflict, as you clearly know, speaking against the regime of Zionism will basically zap you of all potential energy in our country. Sadly.
      Gah, it’s completely wild. The fact that media sources keep pulling the “Hamas-rocket-cards” should abruptly end peoples unquestionable faith in their news sources. Almost comical the way they keep calling out the same issues while neglecting the past century. Why do people overlook the past century of Zionist terror activity and massacre? I forgive them but I can’t ignore it. And why the West chooses to (obvious political/monetary gain) baffles me.
      Thank you for the encouragement and for your willingness to understand the situation as it is.


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