Calling all philanthropists, all investors. This year brings my first opportunity to attend the travel writers conference, Tbex, in Cancun, Mexico and i’m looking for a little support in the financial arena. Now, I know that sounds like a load of drunken debauchery in the midst of Maya ruins but there is just so much more to it!

Between the 11th and 14th of September, Tbex will include one-on-one networking with experts in the travel industry. Writers, businesses, publishers and masters of this or that field. Three days of lectures, classes, and hands-on training. All of which could propel me from the seat of an amateur to a full-time professional travel writer.

Since 2012 i’ve been working on my memoir chronicling archaeological research and cultural exchanges across the Middle East. A time immediately after the great Arab Spring and before the hopes and dreams of the Syrian uprising became a brutal civil war. By attending this conference I will be able to pitch my manuscript to a wide audience of publishing houses while also making my name relevant.

Here are the links to my campaign and to the official Tbex site.

If nothing more please share this campaign with your community. Any support would be extremely appreciated. All sponsorship and contributions will be noted.


A special thank you to my first donor Kaori Nishimoto of Fragments of Travel. Kaori “Likes traveling, talking with locals, and finding “common” in different culture”. Her Instagram feed dazzles from Morocco in the west to Japan and China in the East. With an eye for detail she captures the soul of travel through the art of photography. Do be sure to pay a visit to her site.

33% funded thus far!

Thank you and Yallah’Bye


8 responses to “Tbex and The Great Travel Writers Campaign”

  1. Good luck! I wish you the very best. Keep up the words and the vibes. Things will work out and you’ll get there 🙂


  2. I wish you well with your campaign. If I could I would contribute. Have you thought about a kick starter campaign?


    1. Thank you my friend. For fear of sounding cheesy, the support I get from my readers accounts for far more success and happiness than I could receive in the monetary arena. Thanks for being an interactive associate in this blogging arena. That is more than enough.
      You know, I aught to look into kick starter.
      In fact, I’m working on a proposal to trek through Iran next spring. With the governments permission. But damn, it’s an expensive pursuit. Kick starter may be just what I need to lay my feet on Persian soil? Thanks for the recommendation!


  3. That’s really exciting, good luck!!


    1. Cheers! I just had a donation made to cover my the program fees. Closer yet! Thank you for good vibes 🙂


  4. Good luck!


    1. Jett, thank you! It took me a while to publish this as I teetered from different outlooks and levels of comfort. In the end, I realized people will help if they want to. There’s nothing wrong with that. Haha, but I still feel a wee bit awkward! Anyway, thank you for the support.


    2. By the way- Jett of Arabia is coming quickly to the top of my reading list. Very thrilled to get there 😉


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