Sketching Sites: Aqaba, Jordan from the Art of Exploration.

الْأُرْدُنّAl-‘Urdunn, Aqabah

Sun Blazing, the Red Sea, still, cool with Spring. I sit over Cafe Salaam, coffee, freshly roasted with cardamom and a handful of roasted nuts, wedged between an abundance of potted sage and a crumbling banister.

Open my sketchbook and look into the valley…

…Al-Sharif Al Hussein Bin Ali Mosque — open air markets winding and knotted, where camel heads swing from butcheries and parrots are sold hand over fist — all common fare. Beyond the mosque, the water opens in an uninterrupted display of coral and sunset pink, shipwrecks spot the depths like freckles between Egypt and Jordan.

al-Aqaba sketch

Could there be a better rooftop for writers and their manuscripts on a romantic getaway?


Let’s hear it, tell me about your favorite rooftop experience. Where? Why?







6 responses to “Sketching Sites: Aqaba, Jordan from the Art of Exploration.”

  1. Only kabir Avatar
    Only kabir


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    1. Nicholas Andriani Avatar

      Thank you, Kabir. Have you been to Aqaba?


      1. Only kabir Avatar
        Only kabir



  2. Sanchi Avatar

    Oh My God 🤩


  3. morselsandscraps Avatar

    I envy sketchers so much! It’s such a great way of fixing a place. As for a favourite rooftop experience? The tower of the archaeological museum in Gdańsk. Why? It was escape from a shrill-voiced party of excited school-kids. I, who do not like heights and clutch banisters, braved even a ladder for the sake of the prospect – the city in the rain, the narrow streets, the rooftops.


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