I’m always happy to return home after a vacation. Whether months abroad or a week in South Texas, i’m forever eager to return to my adopted homeland of Kansas City, Missouri. Don’t get me wrong I thrive in alien lands and obsess over travel. But it doesn’t get much better than being in my tiny apartment with my girlfriend, our dog, and a deep bowl of cornflakes… that’s just me!

Over the last two weeks I roamed between Hot Springs, Arkansas and San Antonio/Austin, Texas. Nothing too crazy, outside much needed time with family. And despite the fact that I had more free time than usual, I decided to keep my fingers away from the keyboard.

So here’s a collection of photographs I took while away. It’s kind of a way to apologize for my absence! The majority of the contents mean a lot to me personally so I hope you enjoy the show.

San Antonio- At the Mercado. A lively Mexican bazaar bursting with culture.

Dia de Muertos. Day of the Dead will be here before we know it. Are you ready?


The red brick pedestrian streets are silent as a storm is about to roll in (never mind the blue skies!). Typically the streets are booming. Shoulder to shoulder you merge between empanada vendors and Peruvian flute bands.


The following photos were taken at my parents in Canyon Lake, Texas

Agave americana. I planted this beast in 2008. In that short span of time it’s reached nearly 6 feet in height! I’m hoping one day to try my hand at a little agave-mezcal alchemy.


Fig tree.


On a hike in Canyon Lake


photo-8 photo-7The sexy prickly pear. A personal favorite.

photo-10Here’s a photo of my parents and the family business. Excuse the Instagram filter…

photo-2A new piece by the artist Bryan Hauteman (better known as my brother). This cat is worth keeping your eyes on.


Leontopodium alpinum. The Edelweiss- Growing between 6,000 and 10,000 feet this beauty is known as the “Ultimate love charm of the alps”. My Oma brought this specimen from Germany when she migrated to the States.



On the side of Jo’s Coffee Shop, the famed graffiti…


Not much, but it will have to do.

How was your Labor Day weekend?

Yallah, bye

Nicholas Andriani will return in Oh, Hookah of the Magic Bowl. Premiering this Monday.


3 responses to “An Apology in Photographs”

  1. Great shots. Love S.A. and the Mercado….The bakery is to die for! 🙂


  2. Great photos, especially of the family business (you must be a fan of the hookah then), the agave and the figs. Mmmmmm, figs…


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