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    The question of whether video games are art has been a contentious one, with different perspectives offered by various thinkers in the field of technology and art. #gamestudies #aesthetics #arttheory

  • Future-Proofing Instructional Design and Game Development: Q&A

    For example, a handful of instructional design systems that could be used to benefit a game development firm that needs assistance with learning soft skills. Here we have a human-centered concern wi5in the company, incorporating game-like elements to alleviate internal concerns:Provide recommended readings and literature. Also suggest a learning curriculum. Let’s consider the application of […]

  • 10 Videogame Characters Inspired By Japanese Folklore

    10 Videogame Characters Inspired By Japanese Folklore

    Chinese and Korean traders introduced Buddhism, Daoism, Hinduism, and the ever present Confucianism while Japan provided various regional myths, legends, and lore. These ingredients were brewed into various and effervescent cultures all across Japan. Each village responding accordingly by pasting outside influences upon their daily lives. These elements were transformed Japan’s landscape and ecosystem and bore entirely new generations of Deities and beliefs.