Works in Progress and manuscripts. I am currently seeking representation.

  • The Outsider (a novel): This is my current project for which I have a working manuscript and am seeking representation.
  • Middle Bohemia (memoir + travels pt. 1)
  • Everything Zen (memoir + travels pt. 2)
  • The Rug Slinger (ya fantasy + potential graphic novel)
  • It Takes a Village, and Other Cautionary Tales (the grimmest children’s tales)
  • Mondo Bizarro (a novella/war criticism)
  • Harvest Moon (a novel)
  • The Book of Names: Poetry and Essays
  • Congratulations On Your Funeral: A Divine Comedy (retelling of Dante’s Divine Comedy)
  • Nanny-Nanny Baba (A Satire on xenophobia, prejudice and religion.)
  • The Muse & the Misanthropist (a novel)

3 responses to “BOOKS”

  1. Nicholas, I’m so stoked that you are getting to live your dream. I remember you always talking about everything you’re doing right now when we were kids. My Mom is super excited for you, good vibe tribe!!!

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    1. Brotherman! Dude, it means so much to me. Thanks for saying that. I miss you, all of you. A huge part of who I am definitely comes from your family and man we had some pretty wild times.

      How’s everyone doing?


      1. I miss you too bro, we need to go ride a concrete wave like old times. Parents are welcome jus old lol. I’m out in Phoenix now, been traveling quite a bit. May the force be with you


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