I’ve been exploring the world of watercolor. Of rough sketches and doodles. Expressing those emotions and locales from my travelogue that I simply can’t find the words for. For the time being i’ll be posting a new piece every week.

So, i’m in the process of opening an ETSY account, through which I will be selling prints of some of the more… decent paintings… Haha, yea, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. Anyway, I will be donating 20% of my profit to the International Rescue Committee; whom I feel are doing a damn good job for the refugees and those of the world who are currently struggling.

Essaouira, Morocco


The Hagia Sophia Over the Bousphorus (Istanbul, Turkey)


Shrouded Figures of Fez (Morocco)



Map of Wadi Rum (Jordan)


Rumi the Sufi

Rumi Watercolor

The Galata Tower (Istanbul, Turkey)Galata Tower, Andriani Watercolor


6 responses to “SKETCHES AND MAPS”

  1. Really nice. You see places and create your own souvenirs. Love it.


  2. Just to cool Nicholas! You have inspired me! Love the watercolors. I too am trying to line things up for some adventure myself. Adventure to me but may be not as adventurous as yours. Congratulations on DOING!
    Safe and keep sharing!


  3. Hi Nicholas. My favourite is the one of Essaouira, Morocco. Wonderful to donate 20% of your profit to the International Rescue Committee. Too many people just talk (… instead of doing something). Greetings from Berlin


  4. I really love your watercolors, and your blog is absolutely incredible too.


    1. You’re too kind. Thank you. It’s so encouraging to get this kind of feedback from fellow bloggers 😉


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