Poetry Clothing: A Poem

I dress my body in lines of verse, each syllable a piece of cloth, a garment woven of words diverse, to hide my nakedness from sloth.

I choose a shirt of haiku’s form, its brevity my first layer, then don a jacket that is warm, with sonnets stitched with love and prayer.

My trousers made of rhyming verse, adorned with quatrains bright and bold, the fabric smooth, like fluent speech, enough to make the angels hold.

My socks are limericks, full of wit, their humor tickles my toes so neat, I step into shoes of epic lit, to walk with style on every street.

A scarf of ballads wrapped around, to keep me cozy in the chill, a hat of odes completes my gown, to keep my head and thoughts fulfilled.

So now I wear my poetry dress, adorned in words of every kind, my nakedness I do confess, is cloaked in language, so refined



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