What have you learned in your life about love?

To put it plainly:

Love is a wild, untamed thing It flows like rivers, it sings like birds on wing It is the heat of the sun, the pulse of the sea It is the raw and the real, the ecstasy

Love is the oyster’s pearl, hidden deep But found with a touch, a kiss, a sweet caress It is the fig’s plump flesh, bursting with juice Love is the sensual, the erotic, the muse

Love is the light that guides us through the dark It is the fire that burns, the spark It is the breath of life, the very essence Love is all and everything, it is presence

Love is the path we follow to the end It is the journey, the beginning and the bend It is the mystery that unfolds each day Love is the one thing we cannot sway

Love is the poem that we write with our lives The stanzas, the verses, the love that thrives It is the beauty that surrounds us all Love is the one thing that will never fall

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