Possible video game plot and summary for an interactive fiction based on “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”:

Title: “A Midsummer Night’s Maze”


In the magical land of Athens, four young lovers are caught in a love triangle, each pining for the affection of the other. At the same time, a group of mischievous fairies and a comical group of amateur actors are scheming to cause chaos and hilarity, using their powers of illusion and disguise.

As the player, you will be able to explore the forests, gardens, and palaces of Athens, meeting and interacting with the characters from the play. You will be able to choose your own path and make choices that will affect the outcome of the story. Will you help the lovers find true love, or will you cause more confusion and heartbreak? Will you join the fairies in their tricks, or will you try to stop them from causing mischief? Will you audition for the acting troupe, or will you try to sabotage their performance?

The story will unfold through text, dialogue, and puzzles, with multiple endings depending on your actions and decisions. You will encounter magical creatures, such as the mischievous Puck, the wise Titania, the foolish Bottom, and the bickering quarrelsome. You will also encounter mortal characters, such as the passionate Romeo-like Lysander, the jealous Juliet-like Helena, the rational Demetrius, and the scheming Egeus. You will have to navigate the conflicting desires and emotions of these characters, and try to find a way to resolve the conflicts and misunderstandings.

As you explore the world and solve puzzles, you will uncover secrets and hidden agendas, and learn more about the themes and symbols of the play, such as love, jealousy, loyalty, identity, and the power of imagination. You will also have to deal with the consequences of your actions, and decide whether to follow your heart or your reason, and whether to embrace or resist the magical influences that shape your destiny.

Can you find a way to bring harmony and happiness to the dreamlike world of Athens, or will you succumb to the madness and chaos of the midsummer night’s maze?

Mechanics and Tools

In “A Midsummer Night’s Maze”, the player will be able to use various mechanics and tools to interact with the characters and the environment. Here are some possible examples:

  • Dialogue options: The player will be able to choose how to respond to the characters, or ask them questions. Some characters may be more receptive or helpful depending on the player’s approach, while others may be more guarded or hostile. The player may have to use persuasion, flattery, threats, or humor to get what they want, or to learn more about the characters and the story.
  • Item inventory: The player will be able to collect and use items found in the environment or given by the characters. These items may have practical or magical uses, such as keys, tools, potions, or talismans. The player will have to figure out how to use these items, or combine them with other items, to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles. Some items may also have special effects on the characters, such as love potions, which can make them fall in or out of love.
  • Skill checks: The player may have to perform tasks that require certain skills or attributes, such as strength, agility, intelligence, or charisma. These skills may be tested through mini-games or challenges, such as climbing a tree, disarming a trap, decoding a message, or performing a play. The player may have to choose which skills to use or improve, or which characters to ally with or impress, to succeed in these tasks.
  • Magic spells: The player may have access to some magical spells or abilities, depending on their choices and interactions with the fairy characters. These spells may allow the player to teleport, transform, communicate with animals, or manipulate the minds of the mortal characters. The player may have to use these spells wisely, as they may have unintended or dangerous consequences.
  • Decision-making: The player will have to make choices that will affect the story and the relationships of the characters. These choices may range from small actions, such as helping or hindering a character, to major decisions, such as choosing a lover or a faction. The player will have to consider the consequences of their choices, and whether they align with their own values or goals. The player may also have to cope with the unpredictable and sometimes conflicting responses of the characters to their choices.

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