In brief,
I’m Nicholas. As a citizen of the world i’ve never felt that I quite “belong” to one place or another and through this lens I approach my writing. Growing up in a family of immigrants, in a country founded for immigrants, there was never one culture I subscribed to. Thus I began to wander, so to speak. This is how I approach every aspect of life. Though I identify firstly as a writer, a poet, and aspiring novelist – I’m also an academic and explorer.
Professionally I am a researcher of comparative literature. An anthropologist with a background in literary studies surveying global traditions, especially those of East Asia, folklore, and archaeology. I created this space as a watering hole for us to explore, together, this wildly gorgeous and profoundly diverse world and the various ways in which we experience life. From the lore that binds us as communities, to our own personal experiences. Everything from the recipes that have inspired empires, to the legends and tales that continue to break hearts eons later.

I currently reside in Columbia, Missouri in attendance at the University of Columbia.

Seeing as so much has changed, reached haiatus, ceased to exist this year – what a year it is… – I wanted to reintroduce myself, to rekindle old flames, and to get to know you better. So please, introduce yourselves. I’d love to know you better, and I hope in turn we can build a stronger community of writers, readers, and all around creators.



4 responses to “Re-Introductions:”

  1. Interesting blog! Love the exploring feels and cultural vibe of your site 😌 I’m from the far-east and i hope one day you find yourself exploring this area. Wish you an abundant 2021, Nicholas! My name is Apple Rae, btw.

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    1. Apple, great to meet you! Thank you for the generous compliment. I’m hoping to visit soon after graduation, planning to teach ESL and study in Japan. But I have every intention of visiting the wonderful countries of East Asia as a whole 🙂

      Happy New Year to you and abundance your way as well. I look forward to getting to know you and your blog.



  2. Hi Nicholas, I see that you’re a fellow “University of Missouri-an”. I just graduated from the Department of English last May. I miss the campus and como rituals 🙂


    1. Oh, Congratulations! I’m terribly sorry for the late response here. I have a tendency, a very bad habit, of neglecting the comments section of my site. Did you remain in COMO? This past semester was a strange one indeed and being my first term at Mizzou I have little to base it on outside of general hearsay. I’d love to hear more about your experiences. Recommendations as a fellow English major intent on the graduate program. Tell me everything 😉

      Wishing you a Happy New Year!


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