The Bosphorus splits Istanbul in two parts. A rift in the madness of Europe and Asia, drifting between bodies of fresh and salt water cooling the heated passion of a most ancient urban jungle.

The hot, hot, heat of human movement generates organized chaos as this great strait, this rift, cushions the blow, keeping this romantic city on its axis.

Gulls parade our smooth cruise to the Black Sea as Istanbul, in all its glory, surrounds us reaching out with minarets and the omnipresent aromas of a heavily spiced city.

It’s here, in the interstitial space between East and West, that time stands still…


Will Write for Food. Or Coffee!

Being an artist, whether poet or ventriloquist, violinist or Beck, it’s a taxing gig. Low pay, long hours. Sleepless nights,spotty work. If you find that my writing provides any pleasure, any sense of joy at all, I hope you will consider throwing me a bone, or an espresso.



5 responses to “Sketching Sights: Istanbul, City on the Edge (Art. Travel. Writing. Islam. Architecture)”

  1. I have heard that the Asian part of Istanbul and the Western part of Istanbul offer 2 distinct features and feels. How true is that man? Is it like… totally different?


  2. Thanks for visting my blog. I went to Instanbul on a whim in 2006, jumped on a ferry that criss-crossed the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia until it reached it’s final stop on the Asian side. I loved the chaos and contradictions; I might go back some day but the world is wide. Carpe diem.


    1. Ah, the Bosphorus Cruise. I took the same ride, the last stop being Anadolu Faneri, just on the Black Sea. Gah, I found it fascinating how the waters, when hitting the Black Sea, became turbulent, more unsettled. And the Sea was shrouded in dark clouds while the whole of Asia/Europe, as far as the eye could sea was under clear skies. Quite an experience!
      Right back at you, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to say ‘hello’.
      Indeed, it’s a vast world, yet I feel Istanbul requires supplementary visits 😉


  3. Gorgeous sketch, lovely writing….

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