Nick is a writer and activist. He has lived and worked in Jordan, Mexico, and the United States. He currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri and is working on his first novel.

Let’s shatter that Fourth Wall, shall we?

I was born in the Texas Hill Country and raised by a family of German Romani’s chasing opportunity across the American South. We settled in Austin, the town which introduced me to the worlds of punk rock and literature. A town known for its nonconformity; its very existence an act of rebellion!

After high school I hit the road. A spontaneous bus ride to Mexico City led me into the hazy mountains, the deep emerald forests of Chiapas where I discovered the beautiful and heartbreaking world of the Maya (yes, they still exist) and found something deeply rooted, down in my heart of hearts: A need to be part of something greater, to commit myself to people less fortunate.

After some time in Chiapas I found my way back to the States, to Kansas City where I fell in with a strange batch of artists, painters and writers. Deepening my interest in literature and writing.

With the Middle East on the brink of revolution, mid-2011, I thought it would be a good idea to book a one-way flight to Morocco…



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  1. nicolasacalabasa Avatar

    Thanks for liking my post! Love your photos and hope your book is going well.


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