Am I Fooling Myself?

Am I fooling myself?

Despite many attempts to complete my novel the writing continues to be obscured by vague details and scenes fall apart before closing. I understand how scenes work, and spend hours a day taking notes on published authors –what makes their work flow and read so beautifully?– but I can’t seem to achieve this.

Writer friends say i’m to heady, am being too obsessive. Resulting in a muddled rough draft. Am I over analyzing, thinking too much. How is it these people who write books for fun, as a hobby, in their spare time because it sounded cute or whatever, how is it they’re achieving to do what I, obsessed with becoming a writer, cannot?

Sometimes I want to bury my head in the sand and forget I ever existed.

Nausea: That’s the word which comes to mind.


9 responses to “Am I Fooling Myself?”

  1. Stick at it, my friend! I think you’re going through what every writer goes through, but you’re allowing it to get the better of you. The trick is not to succumb to it, and you do that by being a stubborn bugger and refusing to quit. It’s your inner demons at play – we all have them.

    Above my screen, on the wall, I have these words from Terry Pratchett: “I sit there and I bash the stuff out. I don’t edit – I let it flow.” It’s there to remind me not to strive for perfection so early on in the process. Just get it out. You can’t edit a blank page, as they say.

    Read The War of Art by S. Pressfield, Zen in the Art of Writing by R. Bradbury. And watch this too 🙂

    Have a nice weekend, mate. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. You’re a writer – you’re going to go through hell, but most writers will be there to keep you company, so it’s ok.


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    My advice. Just write. I used to spend lots of time re-writing and re-editing, and didn’t know when to stop. Anyyway some people will like changes and some not

    Now I just write what “pops into my head” (hate editing and re-writing anyway). Then you can always do another edition of the novel later (should you wish). Like sport writing just takes practice. All the best with your novel
    Kind regards and happy writing and travelling in 2018


  3. I also find myself editing and re-editing my book, even before it has a chance to go to the proofreaders or the editor. I read articles by authors on how to write and what not to write. This causes more edits of my book. Finally, a few months ago, I decided to write my second book the way I want to write it. I’ll keep in mind the rules and suggestions I’ve learned. But if I want to have a Prologue, then I will have one no matter what some authors have written.


  4. Thinking about it way too much… You can learn a lot from other authors and from reading, but you can’t learn to be your own writer.. you can only learn to write like them… Why do you want to write?… Not being a dick… but your answer… whatever it is… Is all you need to know… best of luck…

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    • Understood.

      I write out of impulse and as a means to express myself. This is how I get by.

      I want to be a writer as this life and art are the few things I truly believe in. To share stories, to be part of a larger conversation.

      Your absolutely right about my tendency to over analyze, thinking too much. Am known to paralyze myself in absolute self loathing. But why? I enjoy the craft, enjoy my own writing just fine. But there’s this voice that mags on and on about why I’m not good enough.

      Either way, I’ll keep on trucking. It’s all I can do.

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