You may have noticed many changes here at Yallah’Bye. In fact, we’re now operating under the banner of Nicholas Andriani–reserving Yallah’Bye for my manuscript alone. Over the next week pages will come and go as we transform this site into a portfolio to showcase my writing and promote my memoir “Yallah’Bye.”

Expect to see many changes. The addition of video, more guest bloggers, weekly features, new art, fresh recipes and experimental features.

I will continue to blog, as per usual, in my slow motion kind of way. For me, it’s all about taking one’s time. To soak in my surroundings, become grounded, enjoy all things from the cellular level to the cosmic. Slow food, slow travel, slow writing, slow-poke–that’s me.

I’m extremely excited to reveal our new vision with you.

As always–Yallah’Bye



13 responses to “Under Construction”

  1. I’m pretty psyched about the memoir, too. Keep us up to date on that as well!


  2. Becoming grounded – staying grounded. Hmmm similar places different reasons! 🙂

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  3. Looking forward with bated breath to the changes. Accidentally unfollowed you, in case you’re wondering, and so followed again!

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    1. Gah, no worries. I’ve made that mistake many times–it was bound to happen to me 😉

      I look forward to your feedback on the new site!


      1. Ooh, and please correct my spelling – can’t believe I wrote ‘baited’!


        1. I missed that! You know what, there’s something to “baited breath.” I suppose it’s more 22nd century?!?


    2. Ha! It does have a certain ring to it, I’ll admit.


  4. Good luck! Transformation is always an exciting journey as the outcome is not always predictable 😉 Looking good so far – looking forward for more!

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    1. Well said. For the first time I actually have a team to work with. It’s liberating!
      We’re also investing in the site, hoping to become something more-like a go to source… an esoteric destination guide. To feature bizarro locales, cultures, and facts… This is going to get weird 😉


      1. Can’t wait! Esoteric weirdness spiced with bizzare locales is my favorite 😉


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