Sketching Sights: Burma on My Mind

Before the world can truly reveal itself you must take a period of meditation. A time of reflection. To pre-game, to set a cosmic course of action by stating your intentions and making them manifest. This is the driving force behind Sketching Sights. To become one with the elements of each and every environment that strikes me.

Dreaming of old Bagan I left brush and paint to guide themselves across the stars and secure my itinerary.

Burma on my mind

Scattered about the enchanting valley of Bagan are the remains of some 2,000 structures (monasteries, temples and pagodas). Historically this land housed over 4,000–each one thoughtfully placed and with purpose.

With this country of monks, gold clad domes and incantations opening its doors I see no other location more relevant to our cause at Yallah’Bye. That is, to document indigenous cultures at risk in this world of globalization.

Burma 2015?

Until next time–Yallah’Bye

15 responses to “Sketching Sights: Burma on My Mind”

  1. I love this approach to places you want to visit: meditative planning. I’m an appalling sketcher, but I’ve used sketching on a few occasions to help me notice and absorb something in front of me. Once north of Broken Hill in Australia at an old dame where the rock face had Aboriginal peckings; and once in the six at Petra, trying to capture the patterns on the wall. Both of these things I remember with the detail sketching gave me, and my visual memory is not good.


    • I would love to see these sketches. You know, your personal/singular flair is imprinted on those sketches. It’s a beautiful thing how personal art is and how every single person sees art from a completely different angle.
      Gah, I have the same issues–with visual imagery in memory… if there’s any room in there at all. This has been the greatest struggle in writing my memoir. I have no trouble to conjure other senses. The mood, physical and mental, aromas, touch, but not so much sight. It’s there, then blackness filled in with my imagination and I know thats not accurate! 😉
      So I rely on photography to catch the most important sites, and sketching to support those I get to know intimately. But, I would love to spend more time with my pencil/less with the camera.


  2. “Before the world can truly reveal itself you must take a period of meditation.” I love this, as fate would have it, it’s come exactly at the right time in my life, too 🙂 Beautiful art work as well, what an incredible talent to have!


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