Ourika, Morocco


547357_3665455120320_1240248596_nThough only 6 hours (460 km) separate Marrakech from the oasis town of M’Hamid I could have dedicated six days between the two place names. The villages that scatter Ourika Valley hold their own against the more popular Imperial Cities (Marrakech, Fes, Meknes and Rabat) and it’s out here in the wilderness of the High Atlas Mountains that I come across the Cafe Tajine.

An hour outside Marrakech the Cafe Tajine emerges from an icy riverbed along the narrow road that parallels the River Ourika. Makeshift bridges of repurposed woods and carpets reach across the river at many points along the route, leading to mud-brick villages, markets, and, in this case, one of the finest dining experiences i’ve had to date. 

Here, for a few dollars (it’s truly a steal), you can feast like royalty. A spread of three tajines, salads, breads, mint tea, and a few beggars in between will cost you around the same price as the new Jay-Z album.

Tajines are made to order and, like most “Old World” recipes can take a good deal of time to cook. This is when the industrious locals strike. Peddling handmade goods, women and children make offers on African keepsakes and jewelry boxes, even crystals, as men serenade us, strumming the guitar-like Moroccan sintir and playing unusual flutes and drums.

Over the melodious North Africa beats we dine late into the night, taking our sweet time, dancing and haggling away.











Yallah bye


14 responses to “Cafe Tajine in the Mountains of Morocco”

  1. i think this is a beautifull place

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  2. This all looks delicious! Places like these are often the best places in the world to eat.


  3. Wow! What a truly magical meal. You’re able to capture these experiences beautifully with your words and photos. I think your book will be fabulous.


  4. Amazing photos, and love how real they make it all looked!


    1. So real. If only the cool mountain air and roasting tajine could be experienced through the computer screen 🙂 Thank you for reading!


  5. […] features of his blog is that like me, Nicholas is a foodie. His explorations have included some unusual dining pleasures. Until I read his blog, I had no idea what a Tagine was or how important it is to Middle Eastern […]


  6. Great blog! The food looks yummy!


  7. The food looks absolutely scrumptious.


  8. Oh, I remeber loving Moroccan Tajine on numerous occasions when visiting and travelling through Morocco some 1,5 year ago. So delicious when done properly by locals. Thank you for the great post which reminded me of great times.
    Here are some of mine on Morocco (Maybe you recognize some parts :-):


  9. Oh man, all the food really made me drool. I bet it will make us very full.


  10. My mouth is watering at the look of the food! I see all the chairs are facing one direction in your second photo. Was there something to see while eating?


  11. Really like your blog so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Here’s the information and Good Luck! http://theroadtonewbery.wordpress.com/2014/02/01/getting-noticed-its-nice/


    1. Right on! Thank you for having me in mind when setting out to pick your nominations. It’s truly an honor 🙂


  12. victoriaaphotographyictoria Avatar

    Wow. Some journey through the whole of your blog.
    I enjoyed every post (almost as much as if I was travelling with you.
    Thanks for sharing…


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