Whitewashed seaside facade under a beating Moroccan sun.



10 responses to “Sketching Sights: Essaouira, Morocco”

  1. As an artist I really like the freedom of your work. 😀 If you go to my other site – judsjottings – also wordpress – you’ll see a few of my earlier artworks, as well as my creative writing and literary essays. I also have paintings on Jud’s Artwork on Facebook.
    I am now working with creating implied textures on canvas, and mono-printing texures on paper – often with a specific image in mind, but allowing myself to follow the emerging image within the texture if the opportunity arises.
    I am also amazed at how brave you were to go these places, not just so culturally different from your own country , but on the edge of turmoil much of the time. I always wanted to go to Egypt and Petra and Istanbul – well to travel the world really – but my asthma now prevents me from doing so – I can no longer take any medications including asthma preventatives, and the pollution in Egypt wipe me out. Such a shame. 😦
    I look forward to reading more of your accounts, and seeing more of your artwork. 😀


  2. Beautiful sketch, I was there two years ago and I think you got the essence of the place. If you are still looking for “roads less travelled” check out Donegal in northwest of Ireland – windy like Essaouira but very wild and Celtic.


  3. Wow! Amazing and reading the above comment, double wows as you did that by yourself!

    Man, you should come to my place and sketch the UNESCO sites here too! Hahaha


    1. That’s not a bad idea 😉 I hope someday to visit all the great Islamic states and Malaysia has such a fascinating history!


      1. Haha. You don’t wanna sell the sketches? Looks nice enough to be sold 😉


  4. Very good. Did you do this?


    1. Thank you. I did, a new hobby of mine. I’m doing a series on UNESCO sites and archaeological curiosities. Inspired by David Roberts 19th century lithography. Incredible work.


      1. I thoroughly enjoyed your sketch. Hope to see more.


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