If you’re reading this, it means i’m currently on the road.

Somewhere, out there, rummaging through the idiosyncrasies of our world to bring back and share with you.

This week, it’s a road trip to the city of High Point, NC where i’m following Jaclyn to the furniture market. While her mission is that of business, mine is to explore a region unfamiliar to me. To sample the local eats, camp among black bears under a blaze of autumnal colors in Appalachia, and get to know my fellow Americans to the East.

I’d love to have you tag along by following me on Twitter or Instagram, as i’m sure to be hyperactive on either account.


Until next time,

Yallah, bye!







4 responses to “On The Road: Appalachia”

  1. Wow. This is the first post of yours I have ever read, and already your language has me hooked. I’ll be back. Can’t wait to see what you discover.


    1. I really appreciate this comment. Ah, the blogosphere can be intimidating at times yet it seems i’ve finally adjusted my voice to fit the medium. So, I managed to make the 16 hour drive to North Carolina (Appalachia) in one piece, found my way to some incredible dining/drinking spots, went primitive in the backwoods, tuned out the emails, had a blast. After a flawless accident free trip, the accident-prone me totaled the car three hours from Kansas City (home), hitting a deer. I feel damn bad for the poor deer, thankfully I managed to go unharmed. Otherwise, I had a wonderful experience out east.


      1. What an adventure it was, from all the good to all the bad. I am glad you are unharmed, and I hope the deer died quickly. I have been blogging since 2007, so I don’t remember getting my voice and I don’t recall what it felt like to “put it out there.” For years and years, almost no one clicked my posts, and I think that’s what really made me start putting the real ME into the words and photos. I had convinced myself that no one would ever see it. I sometimes confess, or rant, or say something silly, or rave about all my favourite things with no thought to what anyone else likes. Now people do read, but the habit of being me is already formed. I guess I got lucky. You have a beautiful way of writing, and I’m glad you decided to keep a blog.


  2. Sounds fun! And I followed u already ever since I stumbled upon ur blog. hahaha


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