Trekking Wadi Musa w/ Camels!

So this is where it all began. On an archaeological dig out in Jordan I found myself spending a little too much time wandering aimlessly through the country. After the longest, sleepless, most bone chilling night camping out in Petra I found these beautiful creatures. Running through the narrow Siq I was more than ready to get back to Wadi Musa for some breakfast but who could pass up this opportunity?

Now a year later, back home, going through all the pictures and mementos I came across this image once more. With it I knew there was a story to be told. And with this image an idea was planted to share my journey. So here we are, in the vast sea of blogs on the World Wide Web with a new story to be told…


One response to “On the Road”

  1. Great post! Brings us back to our trip to Jordan a few years ago. Thanks for sharing…especially neat to learn a bit about your archaeological adventures! What a neat job. Hope you’ll enjoy our adventures, too, and we look forward to following you! Cheers, Jill 😉


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